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Stock: HTPADU (5028), Company: HEITECH PADU BHD, Description: Heitech Padu Bhd engages in the provision of systems integration, network related services, data center management, disaster recovery services and other information technology related services. The operating segments of the company are information technology mailing and document processing services engineering works.

مسقا مم يمنعي مخأ هرممأÃ حلامصا مب ان ادحأ سقا اذه هأ م انا رذا Ã ¾ ذ ÃحنÃ ةعنص مانا دنا ةقث ريم نا Ãر Áم ÁÃ ¾ ذ عف Áم Áاب ةدعا يف غابصا Áب زج دنÃ حهتنا ¿Ãلأا Author: ajc1929 Created Date: 9/15/2012 9:56:42 AM ةيملاسإ تايقلاخأ 3 ميحرلا نحمرلا الله مسب)1(ةيملاسإ تايقلاخأ :دعبو ،هبحصو هلآ ىلعو ،دمح انيبن هلوس ىلع ملاسلو لاصل¦و ،ينلماعل¦ § لله دمح

لصاحلا ؤطابتلا نم مغرلا ىلع“ لازن لا اننكل ،تاراقعلا قوس يف ىدملا ىلع عضولا نسحتب نيلئافتم ةيموكحلا تاردابملا لضفب لوطلأا قوس زيفحت ىلإ فدهت يتلا ةفلتخملا ”.تاراقعلا. يف ماهلا راعشلإا ىلإ عوجرلا ىجريُ .ريرقتلا اذه ةياهن. ينلادجم اير. ثاحبلأا مسق ةريدم.

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All market data is provided by Refinitiv except for data on Malaysia indices, Warrants and Futures which is provided by Bursa Malaysia. Prices displayed on this website are delayed by 15 minutes. MalaysiaStock.Biz provides a summary view of all the listed companes in KLSE. This covered basic information of each company, quarter report history, dividend history and … 30 Sep 2020 Bonus Issue. EX-date: 14 Oct 2020. Entitlement date: 15 Oct 2020. Entitlement description: ISSUANCE OF UP TO 390,550,000 NEW FREE WARRANTS IN EVERSENDAI CORPORATION BERHAD ("EVERSENDAI") ("WARRANTS") 15 Jul 2020 Bonus Issue. EX-date: 04 Aug 2020. Entitlement date: 05 Aug 2020. Entitlement description: BONUS ISSUE OF UP TO 237,439,049 NEW ORDINARY SHARES IN … Eco World, UEM Sunrise, George Kent, Chin Hin Group, WCT, Greatech, HeiTech Padu, Aeon Credit, Dayang Enterprise, Landmarks, PetDag, Maxis, GenM, AE Multi, PNE PCB Yesterday, HTPADU broke above the line connecting its recent peaks at RM1.20. The bullish breakout was not accompanied by a huge volume. If the buying support can sustain, the breakout may lead to a new upleg for the stock. Its immediate resistance is its July 2019 high of RM1.45. Risk Disclosure: iSaham will not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within this website including data, quotes, charts, screeners and analysis.

ن óقلطنملا زازتعا لكب ركذتسن انلز ام ، ةوعدلا هذه ðلع ماع ةبملا براق ام رورم دعبو

cymao holdings berhad transactions (chapter 10 of listing requirements) : related party transactions (amended announcement) cymao holdings berhad ("cymao" or "the company") memorandum of understanding between billion apex sdn bhd ("basb"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company and ageson development sdn bhd (formerly known as prinsiptek properties sdn bhd) in relation to … KUALA LUMPUR: Heitech Padu Bhd has signed a letter of agreement for the renewal of CA GEN (TSO) and Report Composer System License Mainframe for the Inland Revenue Board. The contract is worth RM35.2mil and will be for a period of three years commencing from Feb 1 2021 to Jan 31 2024. The contract is expected to have positive effects on future earnings and earnings per share of HeiTech. HeiTech Padu Bhd (HTPADU:KLS) forecasts: consensus recommendations, research reports, share price forecasts, dividends, and earning history and estimates. HTPADU 科技联合 5028 HEITECH PADU BHD 5‏‏/6‏‏/1442 بعد الهجرة

LOOK009 HTPADU - REQUEST FOR SUSPENSION HEITECH PADU BERHAD Kindly be advised that at the request of HTPADU, trading in the Company's shares will be suspended with effect from 2.30 p.m, Thursday, 26 November 2020 pending a material announcement.

KLSE Screener Screener. Stock Screener Warrant Screener Market Entitlements. Dividend Share issued Financial News Discussion; Login Feedback. Help. HTPADU - Unusual Market Activity . 2020-10-12. HEITECH PADU BERHAD. Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 30/06/2020 public issue of 12,500,000 new ordinary shares of rm1.00 each at an issue price of rm2.50 per new ordinary share payable in full on application and placement of 4,000,000 ordinary shares of rm1.00 each at a placement price of rm2.50 per ordinary share payable in full on application by the nominated placees HTPADU BHD compiled financials results, revenue, earnings, eps and dividend. Summary of HTPADU BHD Financial Results - Bursa Saham Malaysia KLSE Last update : 2020-08-01 (YYYY-MM-DD) *updated every first week of the month unless stated otherwise. KLSE / Back to stock index Select your other stock. Begins with alphabet : A | B ACCEPTANCE ON THE LETTER OF AWARD (“LOA”) FOR "PERKHIDMATAN PENYELENGGARAAN SISTEM APLIKASI DAN SOKONGAN TEKNIKAL BISNES UTAMA (BUICT) SECARA KOMPREHENSIF DI JABATAN PENDAFTARAN NEGARA (JPN)"1. Introduction HeiTech Padu Berhad (“HeiTech” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has, on 28.10.2020, signed the LOA “Perkhidmatan … data center is not main business. most of government system is develop by htpadu, jpj, jpn , imigresen, pos ,penang smart parking and more Report 1 Like · 1 month · translate

KLSE(Malaysia share market) dividend news DIVIDEND NEWS of the companies which are LISTED IN the KLSE (Malaysia share market). BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Wednesday, 22 February 2012. IGB - Interim Dividend (5%) Company: IGB CORPORATION BHD Stock Name: IGB Amount: 5% …